Thursday, April 10, 2014


For me? I'm so flattered!
Repgrind nominated me for a Liebster award. And then, JD from Amateur Azerothian nominated me, too! Yay! What is a Liebster award?  Well, it's like a chain letter. Here's 11 questions, list 11 facts about yourself, nominate several people for the award yourself and give them 11 questions to answer.  I always wanted to do that one where people send hot pads or kitchen towels, because how cool would that be? You send one person a towel and send of 10 letters telling them to send you one each, and they do the same, and noone spends more than the amount of one towel and everyone gets a lot! Oh, sorry, got sidetracked, but what this does is lets people who read other blogs see who was nominated and let them try out something new. So, if you came here from Reputation Grind or Amateur Azerothian, thanks for stopping by! If you haven't heard of them yet, go visit! Here's the questions Repgrind sent me.

1. Are you a screenshot taker? How many do you have? Post one of your favorites.

I take a lot of screenshots. Unfortunately, I don't back up all the ones I take, and only have what I have shared on my blog. I recently got a new computer, so all my screenshots are still on my laptop, gathering dust in a corner of my bedroom. Of the ones I have on my blog, I love them all. Still, some of my very favorites are the ones my hubby is in with me, because I love playing with him. Here is one that was posted on WoW Insider

Delgada and Sinnerman, reenacting a wedding?

2. How did you get started playing WoW?

My guild at the time was playing Star Wars Galaxies, and after the many changes they had made, we wanted to stay together, but the game was not home anymore. Several suggested WoW, and that is where we went. I'm still here, on a different server, and there are still some of the guild remaining, but the guild is pretty much gone.

3. What is your favorite instance and why? This can be a raid, dungeon, or scenario.

For the ambiance, I love Scholomance. Karazhan is also a huge favorite. If I can stay behind and play tourist afterward, there are many I like to explore in. Zul'Gurub was my favorite to raid in, the first time it came out. I can't go back without feeling the loss.

4. If you could leave the Horde/Alliance and join another faction, which one would you join?

A separate faction?  Tough question. I love the Horde for making their way in the tough places, be it as strangers to the planet or peoples brought to the brink of extinction, or forced into their plight and shunned by the ones they lived with. I was very upset with the path Garrosh plowed for us, and was so happy when Vol'jin was named his successor. I'd never want Delgada to have to leave them.

Now, I have always loved exploring, and the Explorer's League is pretty awesome. If I could be a part of their faction, and neutral to the others, that would be a great thing! It'll never happen, of course, but this is what if!

5. What is your favorite battle pet?

Electrified Razortooth

I about squealed when I saw him on the Isle of the Thunder. When I got him, he became my go-to pet for most battles, and not because of abilities, though he has good ones. Sparky is my boy, and I love him so much, he is one of less than 10 pets I have named.

6. What in-game item do you want the most but haven’t gotten yet?

You know that saying, you don't know what you've got until it's gone? Well, I had bits of the items needed to put together Benediction/Anathema in my bags when they made the announcement that it was no longer in the game. I still have the Eye of Divinity in my void storage.

7. What class have you never quite been able to level/not gotten the hang of?

Shaman confuse me. I have a level 70 something shaman, but she sits there, unused. Recruit a friend was fun, just not really something that helps me learn a class well. Maybe if I try again?

8. Were you happy with MoP? What was your favorite thing/least favorite thing about the expansion?

Mists of Pandaria is a beautiful expansion. I was able to do things I've not been able to in a long time, like raid, gear up others beside my main, and have time to do nothing but farm if I wanted to. I still have many things to do, and am not in a hurry at all for the next expansion. My favorite thing from this expansion? It has to be transmogrification. My least favorite thing? The Timeless (waste of time) Island. I cringe to think of the many more hours I still have to get to exalted with Shao-hao because I must have that mount. *cry*

9. Are you looking forward to WoD? Why/why not?

Warlords of Draenor coming means I get about a month or two of my hubby playing with me, which is definitely something to look forward to. I tried to entice him back with a huge flying robot mount, which was just finished yesterday, but unless he transfers a character over or uses a boost, that mount will be in Shawndra's bags until WoD.

10. Who is your favorite faction leader?

I have to pick one? I play undead, and so I love Sylvanas. But, I love my trolls, too, as that was my first character ever, and so I love Vol'jin. Cairne was awesome, and I love that I can visit Baine and see the mace that was given to him by Varian. Lor'themar has had a lot of story happen for him this expansion, but he has a lot to go before he becomes a favorite. I guess if I have to choose one it would be Vol'jin, with the Dark Lady as an extremely close second.

11. Do you collect transmog gear?

Yes. If I am in any dungeon, raid, or even out in the world and I pick up something, I try it on. If it looks good and I can wear it, I keep it. If it looks good but is the wrong armor class or shows too much bone for Del, I send it off to Bittsee to sell. If I don't think it looks good at all, I disenchant it right on the spot. My void storage is full, my bank is full, and I really need more room!

Thanks for the questions, Rep! Here are the questions from JD.

  1. Presume you blogged regardless.  If it wasn’t World of Warcraft/MMO’s, what would your blog be about?
I toyed with the idea of writing a mommy blog. You know the type, where the mom tells funny little stories about her family and shares tips on cleaning, saving money, and how to take care of "insert childhood malady here". I even made the header, and posted one or two posts on it. I am a little sad at myself for letting it go, because with as many teenage girls as I have, I have a lot of stories to tell. Here, you can see the banner. Just, please, don't go look at the page. it is very, very sad.
Things have changed a lot since I drew this.
2.Out of all the Caverns of Time, which one do you enjoy the most?  The least?

Old Hillsbrad Foothills, hands down. There is so much to see and do in there. Patterns to buy, conversations to overhear, a sombrero you can loot that summons a dog...

3.Is there a class in WoW you just can’t bring yourself to like?

I guess this is where I hate on shaman again. Really, It's not hate, not even dislike, it's more of a misunderstanding is all. All those totems are a little intimidating.

4.Are you a board gamer, or a pen & paper gamer…or just video games?

Card games and board games happen in my household sometimes. Our favorite is Monopoly, though honestly I don't know why. Most of the time people leave the game sore, tired, and mad. We also love playing a card game call Car Wars. I don't think it is still in production, but it is great fun! Once in a while when my siblings share days off we'll put together and impromptu Scrabble game. Last time we had two games going, with mom and hubby and a kid along, and did a final match where the winners on each board went head to head. Some of my favorite memories are sitting over a folding card table trying to fit a piece into a puzzle that had been going for days. Can't do things like that here, for obvious reasons.

5.What would you like to see Blizzard grant the Warcraft license to?

Can you imagine a Warcraft TV series? Hubby suggested that. I'm all for a Warcraft lunch box and thermos to sit next to my Mickey Mouse Club and Holly Hobbie boxes.

6.What racial leader would you follow into battle, no questions asked?

Well, since Thrall is out, who does that leave? I'm not sure I know Vol'jin enough to follow blindly, and I know the Dark Lady is no saint. Even the goblins don't trust Gallywix! Lor'themar? Baine? Too many unknown factors there. Varian is too hot headed. The Iron Council is still too shaky. Gelbin Mekkatorque is too crafty to trust easily. Velen is a pretty fair minded fella, and Tyrande too, but they are Alliance, and Delgada can only admire them from very very far away. I guess that leaves nobody. 

7.Many people point to Wrath as the pinnacle of the game.  If you were introducing someone to WoW for the first time, what would you show them outside of that expansion?

I guess it depends on the person. If they are looking for great looking graphics I would, assuming I get a two seater by then, would fly them around Pandaria, especially to the Arboretum, that neat bog area in the Dread Wastes, and under the Kypari trees in Townlong Steppes. With the graphics on high, the colors in these areas pop, and the attention to detail (like the sap droplets in Townlong) is amazing. Oh, and I would take them to see the Sha of Anger in Kun Lai Summit if he was up, because!!!   

If they were looking for challenging game play and I couldn't drag them into a raid, I would probably take them to the Timeless Isle (if they wouldn't die) just to see how the mobs can keep a person on their toes. If they were just looking over my shoulder I might try to run LFR Siege of Orgrimmar wing 2, mostly because that is the furthest I have gone, and it is still hard for me.

8.What’s your proudest WoW moment?

As much as I really dislike doing it, I guess my biggest moment was tanking Prince Malchezzar in Karazhan when KNR was still raiding together. I was really nervous and I think I ground a layer of enamel off my teeth learning the fights, but I am happy I did it. I haven't tanked since, but am gathering gear again "just in case".

9.Gold: Rich beyond words, enough to get by comfortably, or always needing to generate it for repairs?

I used to hang out in the "OMG where am I going to get the gold to repair?!" until recently. Now I'm closer to comfortable. I'd love to have so much gold that I could buy anything. Any sugar daddies out there? Hubby?

10.What about Hearthstone?  Yes?  No?  Or the other common answer of “I hate this #&$^ game!”

Yes! I've only put 2.99 into it and it is obvious by the way I was murdered earlier tonight with a deck full of legendaries. Still, I'm slowly trying to get up the rank ladder. I play stupid strategies though. Like this one...
I keel you wit a sheep. Baaaaa!
11.If World of Warcraft was gone when you wake up in the morning, what would be your fondest memory?

Sneaking into Ironforge with Hubby and Baz on our rogues, killing the auctioneers. Watching Hubby play "What's in the boss' pockets?". Running for the instance portal when Hubby finds out the boss doesn't have pockets. Twinking out level 39 characters and owning Arathi Basin. Twinking out level 19 toons and owning Warsong Gulch. Passing plague around in Orgrimmar after a fun run in Zul Gurub. Finding a new home in Pwny Express. Meeting people who play WoW everywhere, and hanging out with some of them at our meetup group. Blizzcon! I have too many great memories, and am glad I have a place to write them down here.

 Now, to nominate some others. Hmmm. Frankly, I'm at a loss. I waited too long? I have been working on this for a week now, and had to go back and add more because, I waited too long! So, I'm calling out our fearless meetup group leader who needs something to start up with, and one other.

  • Adoree at Adoree's Adventures
  • You! Why? Because you haven't done it enough? Because you haven't done it yet. Because I'm lame and I'm not following you (and I should!).
Here are eleven questions for the lucky winners to answer.

1) What is your favorite game? Don't limit yourself. Pen and paper, tabletop, console, computer, even the local pizza place cabinet are all contenders!
2) Do you read? Tell me about your favorite book/series.
3) I know you are creative. Tell me about the last thing you made, in game or out. 
4) What zone has your favorite music? 
5) We all have to eat. Does your favorite food have an in game equivalent? Oh, I want the recipe, the real world version!
6) What ability out of everything in the game would you want that your character doesn't have? 
7) Do you have a game you play when your usual title is frustrating, boring, or overwhelming?
8) Do you have Steam? How many games haven't you played that you bought?
9) PVE or PVP?
10) What has been your favorite quest or quest chain?
11) Is your character anything like the real you?

Here are the rules, in case you need them. Feel free to steal the art I stole and use it on your site for your post, too!

Now, I read somewhere that I have to give 11 tidbits about myself here.

1) My daughter is in the hospital right now going through the middle stages of labor. I could be a grandma (again) by morning or sooner!
2) As I sit here typing and eating Salt and Pepper chips, I remember that I have lost 10 pounds in the last 3 months. I better put them away.
3) It has taken me 19 years and 7 kids, but I can finally say that I am now a soccer mom!
4) I have pirate flags as curtains in my living room windows. They weren't my idea, but after seeing those kids with their fund raising form deliberately walk on the other side of the street to not knock on my door, I'm sold.
5) Posting random things on social media accounts that were left open to me makes me giddy.
6) One of my real world happy places is the swap meet near my house. For a buck and 2 quarters, I can get some new jewelry and enjoy some great people watching.
7) I procrastinate...a lot. Oh, wait, you probably already knew that.
8) I am addicted to the Tiny Tower app on my phone. My tower has 181 floors. No, make that 182!
9) I speak Spanish fluently, but play dumb around the people I work with.
10) My white hairs have grown into a nice Rogue streak. My latest dye job has lasted a long time because of this new ombre thing.
11) My favorite cat was named Tommy. Hubby's name is Tommy. His last wife and several girlfriends were named Jennifer. This may have been meant to be...

Thanks again for the nominations! I'll pop in again soon to write a post wholly of my own, maybe a Blog Azeroth topic even. As you can tell by reading the random facts about me, I've been busy. Until then, kick some sand in one of the Dark Shaman's faces for me!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Delgada has a raid tonight. For most that read this blog, this is old hat. Del started Wing 1 of
Siege of Orgrimmar last week on Monday. Our group, then called the West Coast Pears, didn't have enough bodies available for a regular 10 man, which was the goal, so it was opened to the guild and we ran it on Flex. Flex is still harder for me than "looking for raid", and I had only run it once on Flex and once in LFR before then. This time, I was going in as *gulp* a discipline priest with a gear score of 531 and not a whole lot of real practice in before that.

We finally went in a few ringers and did pretty well. I didn't get to finish the wing, but they went on without me. I guess that is the beauty of flex, but it was kind of disappointing. Of the 5 original team members that went in, only one finished the raid wing that night.

Later in the week, not really sure how flex worked (I knew that I could run it as many times as I wanted, but not how loot rolls worked), another group had a lot of absences and threw their raid open to flex on the same wing. The same five from our group joined this raid.

Stand Right Here.
We wiped. I tanked the floor. We wiped some more. The repair bills were astronomical. We never got past Immerseus. At about the fifth wipe, when I understood that I would not be getting much for the kill, I bowed out, partly because it was an hour past the time I had promised to hubby I would leave at, and partly because I had found out there was not a whole lot in it for me. Thankfully, everyone else was willing to stop trying, too. We left with orders to gear up. I felt like a failure, though I was assured that it was not my gear or enhancements or skill that was the issue.

Dreaming of epic loot.
Monday of this week found us in Wing two of Siege of Orgrimmar. I made sure to get pictures with all the notable Horde celebrities inside. I was sad to find that they seemed to have taken Archmage Aethas Sunreaver in his house slippers.

Bring me some cloth and a needle, stat!
For someone so powerful, his outfit is about as powerfully ugly. Has he been wearing this since he was a student? Anyhow, if you can tell in the picture, Delgada is running as shadow again. We had enough healers, and the guild master was in the raid and told me to do it. Discipline stats do not do well for Shadow damage. Still, there were some below me even, and I was assured that I could stay shadow. We'll see how that pans out tonight, as I have a raid in 30 minutes.  We didn't get past Galakras Monday, so he'll be waiting for us when we get there tonight. Wish me luck!


Of course, it's a practically free mount, so I had to get it, and I did!  If you haven't got one yet, there are a few things you can do to make winning a little easier.

1) Capture a hero you understand. Jaina Proudmoore is an awesome character to start with, but unless you can stack you deck to do massive damage ASAP, you should try something else.  All the heroes can be captured in practice mode, if you don't feel comfortable throwing yourself to the wolves, uh, I mean other players. Do you normally heal? Grab a priest. Do you like buffing others to do your job for you? Nab a paladin or a shaman. Do you like pulling out all the pets and standing back and watching the fun? Play with a hunter. Oh, and if you like bashing things and putting a little armor up, try a warrior. Sneaky types should try the rogue. Do you like doing all the things? Play a druid. Do you enjoy pain? You must try the warlock.

Many murlocs. Handle it!

Building a deck.

2) Build your own deck. Nothing says you have to play the cards they start you with. I'm having an obnoxiously good time with a shaman murloc deck. A friend of mine built a taunt deck for his wife to ease her way to gaining her steed.  Pick the cards that suit you best and try playing your own deck! In your collection is where you build your custom deck, and there is a search feature so you can turn the ocean of cards into the puddle you are looking for. I did a search for murloc to get my murloc deck, and taunt for all cards that taunt.  You can search for about anything, and there are tabs at the top of the collection screen to show only class based cards or general cards.

Gelbin and ETC playing nice.  Who knew?
3) Make it fun. Do you have a couple of dollars to spend? Buy a couple packs from the store.You don't have to spend anything to get cards, as you gain coins that can purchase packs as you play. I have yet to open a pack that had less than one rare in it. I bought a couple decks during beta for a few bucks and got a golden Gelbin Mekkatorque card, which is only sometimes useful, but always fun!  Did you go to Blizzcon 2013? Pull out your ETC card and rock out!

My attitude is expressed well with this emote.
4) Emote. There are several emotes you can use during a match. All can be helpful, some are polite, but can have other meanings. If someone is being annoying, you can squelch them by right clicking their hero's portrait. Say hello or remind someone they are playing by using the "Greetings" emote. Apologize for taking too long or before dealing a vicious blow by saying "Sorry". "Oops" can be said when you flub a move, or when someone does something silly on their side. "Well Played" is a good emote to use near the end, but beware of the almost dead warlock who brings out two Molten Giants and eats them with his Void Terror. If you don't have him dead in your next move chances are good you're a goner! Oh, and don't forget to threaten them, even if it's an empty threat.

5) Use Hearthhead. I didn't know much about this site when I started playing, and I am still really getting into it. If you already use WoWhead, you know how useful the site can be. You can build decks there, search for cards, and read what other players are doing, even look at decks they have built. There is great opportunity for learning at this site!

6) Watch a pro. I can't say it better than this article here, but I can add to it. WowCrendor is great for so many other reasons, and his Hearthstone videos are the same. He is funny and watching him play helps me understand the way cards play together. TotalBiscuit is also pretty fun to watch, even if his cards are a little out of a beginners league.

I hope this helps those of you still without this mount to get in a few winning matches soon! This is a must have mount, if only for the fact that it makes one more toward your next level mount collecting achievement.
Is the Hearthsteed my favorite mount? No, but it is high on the list. I'm still partial to my Cenarion Hippogryph and my Swift Zhevra. Still, this one won't be on the stabled list when they release the newest random mount calling spell soon™.

A mount to match her transmog!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Real World Jewelcrafting.

I like to wear my geek on my sleeve. I have been disappointed by the sizing on Jinx clothing, when even a 2X won't fit me, but fits my daughter who wears a small/medium just right. So, I tend to wear my geek around my neck, dangling from my ears, and in my hair.

My favorite necklace.

I bought that from an Etsy store a few years ago, and I wear it almost all of the time.  If I could remember which shop I bought it from, I'd link it, because they had a lot of beautiful glass tile necklaces and the price was great!

Earrings my wonderful hubby made me.
My hubby is pretty talented. The green is more of a sage green than the picture shows, and it is my favorite color. Can you see the tiny gears at the bottom?  I love about everything steampunk!

Well, today I decided I was going to splurge and have Andrew Jackson treat me to something pretty.  Here is what I found on Etsy!

A little asian, a little steam, a little medieval. Gorgeous!
An homage to Delgada in my real life?
I have a bag with this embroidered on it, from the watermarked shop. LOVE IT!
I'm still shopping, and probably will end up with one of the two items above the dragon embroidery, since I already have a bag I love from this shop. I really highly suggest you take a few dollars and support an Etsy shop that you find interesting. I've spent too much time writing this and I haven't bought anything yet, so I will leave you to your shopping as I finish mine. Tell me if you find anything interesting in the comments!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It Is Finished. Next Project?

I dropped him and he dropped my pants!
Sounds so bad, but Halinka was happy enough to dance!  I had just enough time to summon Terokk twice this morning, and it was all I needed.  So, I spent the rest of the morning steering Halinka through the ethereals near Manaforge Ultris, gathering ethereum prison keys so that I could change them in for ethereum stasis chamber keys so that I could hopefully some day loot the shoulders and be done.

From the back...

Ready for anything!
I didn't get the happy dance shot because, after using only 3 of the stasis chamber keys, I was dancing in my seat and making Halinka hearth to the Shrine to fix her transmog. Doesn't she look great?

I did do other things today. After Halinka fixed her outfit, I did my normal farming duties on my horde characters, then played on the Timeless Isle with Shawndra for a bit. After that, Carlatta came out to play to grind reputation points for the Emperor with hubby's best friend, his wife, and my friend Jen (another Jen, I know, I can't help it I attract them!).

Two Orcs, One Forsaken. (and later a blood elf but that ruins the pun)

We killed all those, and I pulled most of them, and killed each of us so many times, that I feel I should send them gold for hanging out with me. I was laughing loudly, annoying the whole family, pulling bigger and more painful yaungol into our bloody pile.  In my defense, if you don't pull them fast and furious, you're stuck looting boxes wishing you could get some reputation for any kill. I think we got about 1000 reputation in about an hour. I would have stayed longer, but I had to go, it was dinner time and In-n-Out was on the menu! That, and World Boss Wednesday was about to start, so the others had to get ready for that.

So, yay, the transmog is done and it's time to pull another project from the unfinished pile.  Halinka needs gear to run raids, and so does Carlatta.  Shawndra needs another new weapon (she bought the Timeless polearm today) and gear, too. I guess I should end this post and get to work!  Make sure you sample the Yaungol BBQ while you are busy killing the party-goers!